Monday, June 11, 2018

Hello And Welcome By Rachel Holbert Jones

First published on December 3, 2012

Update: This is another blog that I abandoned some time ago but for reasons I won't go into I decided to reactivate this blog. Like I've said in other posts I don't like my blogs to be too much of a hodgepodge but also don't want too many or I can't possibly keep up with them all. I was in the process of updating my blog The Kuva Blog which I've really done nothing with so far, my life blog FlameBrio and Haunted Abandoned Carolinas which for some reason has a redirect error and Google sent me a message about it so I could fix it. I also have other blogs DulGraAmericarseMiHistoria~LegendHunter, Spectral Divinity and 5Ve which house many old photos from my early days when I first started photographing old houses, haunted places, etc. And it is by far my favorite blog and the one that makes me the most money although not as much now since I've taken down the majority posts as I was going to repost them to my new blog which I haven't been as active doing because I work on my life blog more. At one time I had over 500 posts up now I maybe 30 or 40 so of course it has lost alot of it's traction. Update on my occult sites: I no longer have my occult website or the blog.

Hello and welcome to my very first post here at RHJ Photography. Here I have random shots taken when I've been out on my travels with work. There's also a little about me on this blog as well.

I have several other blogs. You can view my Haunted Abandoned Carolinas blog at where you can see pictures of old, abandoned and sometimes haunted places that I photograph. You can view my articles at

There are two new blogs by my business partner Joe at for old rides and Joe deleted the other blog and I also work on the cars blog.

I'm trying to keep my blogs to a minimum but I don't want to shove everything into one. Each blog is a niche if you will but with all but two having to do with photography. One where I have pictures of abandoned houses, one where there are nature pictures and one with random pictures in no particular order as to when they were taken.
Then there is my life blog with random posts and my magick blog which outlines the items I used to sell on ebay. Then my occult website.

Here I feature random shots taken in no order. Hope you enjoy! Rachel Holbert Jones